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Description: state representative candidate Evan MacKay smiles in a white button-up shirt with black dots, standing against a tropical-looking teal-and-yellow wall mural.

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Meet Evan

My name is Evan MacKay. I’m a union leader, pro-democracy organizer, and a Harvard teaching fellow.


As a Cambridge LGBTQ+ Commissioner and the former president of the Harvard Graduate Students’ Union, I’ve been organizing in Cambridge around issues of social, racial, environmental, and economic justice for over a decade. 


I’m running for state representative in the 25th Middlesex District to fight for a transparent, accountable government that works for the many, not the few.


Build on the progress of the Cambridge Green New Deal to fight for Green New Deal policies statewide with good union jobs. Massachusetts must lead on reducing emissions, preserving green spaces, and facilitating a just transition with an environmental justice lens.

Good Government & Transparency

Our state house is dysfunctional. We can't see how our representatives vote, and we have no way of holding them accountable. This empowers Republicans and materially harms all of us. As a democratic socialist, I believe in government by the people, for the people.  Transparency in our state house is the place to start.


Housing is a human right, but it is incredibly unaffordable in Cambridge and in Massachusetts. We need rent stabilization, tenant rights, protections from displacement, and more housing, especially affordable housing. 

Progressive Taxation

Working class people are more tax burdened than the richest people in our state. We need to build on the Fair Share Amendment and repeal the 2023 tax cuts to the rich in order to fund our communities. Close tax loopholes and close the racial wealth gap. 


We all deserve world class public education. Massachusetts needs universal childcare to support our children and families and job stability and unions for workers in the care economy. Fund our schools so that educators can afford to live in the communities where they teach. Secure debt free higher education and invest in our public colleges and universities.


Our for-profit system of healthcare leaves patients, workers, and communities behind. We need universal healthcare. Protect healthcare under attack, especially abortion and comprehensive reproductive care.

Gender Justice &

Queer Liberation

Queer and trans rights are under attack nationwide - Massachusetts must do more to be a refuge for LGBTQ+ people and our allies in healthcare, social welfare, and civic society spaces. As a queer and genderqueer person (they/them/theirs), I will help build the coalition to confront the homophobia and transphobia that threatens all of us, from drag queens in our libraries to workers at Boston Children’s Hospital.

On the Issues

Here in Massachusetts, it can seem like we all agree on the important issues, such as climate change and workers' rights. Yet often when our politicians go behind closed doors, they take votes that don't reflect our values. Here are some of the key differences between Evan and our current state representative:

Commit to Vote for Evan on September 3rd

Evan is running for State Representative in Cambridge, in the 25th Middlesex District!

This district runs from Central Square, to Harvard Square, to Porter Square.

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This is a community centered campaign that needs grassroots support to win. Make a contribution today to help our movement!


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