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Evan's Story

My life has been molded by my family. My mother in public education and my father in healthcare passed on the value of public service. Growing up, my family welcomed over a hundred children in the foster care system into our home. This opened my eyes to the school-to-prison pipeline and housing instability and continually grounds my advocacy for system-level change. 


As many have, I moved to Cambridge for school, where I received both my Bachelors in Sociology and Masters in Statistics from Harvard. I fell deeply in love with Cambridge's inclusive and vibrant community, so I came back to pursue my JD-PhD in sociology and social policy while teaching undergraduates. My research has led me to delve into the need for tax reform, the brokenness of our criminal legal system, and the purposely obscure halls of the Statehouse. 


From my experience in community organizing, I realized the importance of being involved in my union, the HGSU-UAW. I’ve proudly worked shoulder-to-shoulder with my union siblings to secure the fair wages and safe working conditions every worker needs. Throughout our struggle for a fair workplace, I learned about the UAW’s anti-democratic corruption scandal and overall lack of accountability. I organized alongside the reform caucus of my union, Unite All Workers for Democracy (UAWD), to truly put workers in charge. Together, we successfully took on an entrenched establishment against “impossible” odds.


Next, I took the step of running for leadership in my own union and proudly served as the President of my local chapter. I represented over 5,000 workers predominantly in Cambridge, where we organize for raises to keep up with inflation and the cost of rent, workplaces free of harassment and discrimination, and the transformation of the status quo of higher education. Just as I fought for a more democratic union, I have fought for and will continue to fight for a more democratic and transparent state government. 


I am running for State Representative in the 25th Middlesex District because Cambridge deserves someone that will reflect our community’s progressive values and advocate for what we really need: affordable housing, progressive taxation, strong jobs, and a transparent & accountable government.

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