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How can I vote in this election?

There are lots of different ways to vote in this election! You can vote in-person on September 3rd, in-person through early voting, and by mail.


Turnout for state primaries tends to be far smaller than for the general election in November, so this is a chance for your vote to really make a difference!


In order to vote in the Democratic primary election on September 3rd, you must be registered to vote by August 25th. Registered Republicans and Libertarians are not eligible to vote in the Democratic Primary, but everybody else is! The deadline to change party affiliation is August 25th. August 25th is also the deadline for voters to register to vote or update your voter registration. You can check your voter registration status here.


Vote by mail: The deadline to request a mail-in ballot is August 26th. You can go online and request your mail-in ballot right here, right now—it only takes a minute!


If you request a mail-in ballot, it will be sent to you 45 days before the election. That’s Saturday, July 20th, for anyone who’s curious!


Vote early: Early voting will take place from August 24th to August 30th. You can vote early at select polling locations; check with our local election office for specific locations and hours.


Vote in person on election day: Polls will be open from 7AM-8PM on Tuesday, September 3rd. You can find your polling place here.


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