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How is Evan different from the incumbent?

The incumbent

  • Voted against making committee votes public in 2018, 2019, and 2021

  • Voted in favor of pay increases to the Senate President, Speaker of the House, and other legislative leaders, thereby further centralizing power in the already powerful House Speaker and making our legislature even less democratic

  • Does not support allowing State House employees to unionize and collectively bargain

  • Voted to roll back the right to shelter for homeless families and pregnant people, against pleas from advocates

  • Voted against giving legislators and the public at least 72 hours to review bills before they are brought to a vote

  • Voted against allowing representatives at least 30 minutes to read an amendment before voting on it

  • Voted against same-day voter registration

  • Undermined the climate movement’s organizing for 100% renewable energy

  • Voted to give over $1 billion in tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefit the ultra wealthy, real estate developers, and large multistage corporations

  • Takes thousands of dollars from lobbyists and special interest groups


By contrast, Evan

  • Is a union leader, the former president of the Harvard Graduate Students Union, and has organized in Cambridge and within their union around issues of anti-corruption, transparency, and democratic due process

  • Wants to tax corporations and the ultra-rich in order to fund our public services, such as schools and the MBTA

  • Is committed to a transition to 100% renewable energy and a moratorium on fossil fuel infrastructure

  • Prioritizes youth jobs, housing, and educational opportunities to create safe communities rather than building even more prisons and jails

  • Pledged to take zero donations from developers, lobbyists, and special interest groups

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